Watch Scott Hutchison adorably explain depression to a child

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omg, i love him and still can’t believe he’s gone. at least we have videos like this to remember him, and see him smiling and happy. I followed him on twitter back then, and to watch his end play out in real time was so awful… i couldn’t believe it was happening, just like he had written about, and there was nothing that we his followers could do but plead to him to not give in. what a gut punch it was. I brought a memorial of him to put in the Temple at Burning Man that year. I hope other people who love him saw it. (it was just a picture of him, saying that we love and miss him, nothing more, but still.)


As a fan of Frightened Rabbit, I was trying to think of something erudite to say here, but failed.

I guess I’ll just say: Rest in peace, Scott.


It’s a difficult song, that does arguably break some of the heterodoxy around discussing suicide.

Shouldn’t that be orthodoxy? I.e. Frank Turner’s discussion of suicide is unorthodox? Or am I misunderstanding what you’re trying to say here?

Well yes. Was it a typo … or was it a heterodoxical attempt to orthodox the heterdoxy? Makes you think!

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