Watch sheriff's deputies arrest Ohio county commissioner Niki Frenchko who criticized sheriff

The bulk of the populace would be astounded at the level of childishness in local governments. There’s a ton of crazy out there, and has been, long before all the recent Drumpf/MAGA insanity.


Sad, but true. I grew up in a township that bordered one where fights would break out on a regular basis during council meetings. When we attended our council meetings and pols got into an argument, they used to congratulate themselves on not needing the cops to calm things down. We used to read about those incidents in the county paper. Now it just takes entering “news [name of state] council fight” into a search engine to see recent examples of people taking bare-knuckle politics literally. Stuff on the national level still looks worse, though:

Parliamentary brawls


Well won’t the right wing have a field day with this.

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They have the same response to light mayonnaise, so I’m not sure we should give a shit what they say…

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