Watch single cell organism attack its prey


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One of my favorite cinematic experiences was seeing the 2011 prequel in the theater. As Ennio Morricone’s theme played over the closing credits all of us in the theater–all strangers–gathered together and had an impromptu discussion about it, the 1982 film, the 1951 film, and Campbell’s short story.

And then when an employee came in to sweep up the popcorn we filed out and went our separate ways.


My sister just picked up a copy of the short story, so I’ll have to borrow it from her. I did read it once, but that was about 20 years ago.

My experience seeing the 2011 version didn’t go like that, but I did get to see the 1982 version a few years ago (along with a few other 80’s horror films) at a drive-in theater in Atlanta. I got a kick out of it, since I’d never actually seen it in a theater before.


"And just wait til I figure out cameras!!"


I think this is the best of the three suggestions put forward.

The best.

I want David Attenborough narration. What’s happening? How does it work?



Needs more Raquel Welch.

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