Watch: speedboat driver rams into small boat with three passengers


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Relax and go fishing they said…


Speedboats: the BMWs of the waterways.



This is why I always wear a PFD when I’m on a boat. Even if you’re anchored; even if you’re sitting still in the middle of a lake, you never know when another boat or a weird bit of hydraulics are going to put you in the water. Once you’re in the water, you don’t know if you will be conscious or injured. You can be hypothermic in moments and unable to swim.


what a negligent jackass


OH man - and you thought talking about taking dad’s car keys away was going to be awkward.

Larsen’s son-in-law, who also was on the boat, told investigators that he had warned his father-in-law to pay attention, that he sometimes sees his father-in-law using his cell phone while driving the boat and that his father-in-law had been off-and-on his cell phone the morning of the crash, according to the sheriff’s report.

Oh - now Christmas is going to be super awkward. “You bringing the NARC over this year?”


Calm seas never made a good sailor.


Larsen, a Roseburg resident, told The Oregonian/OregonLive by phone Friday that he wasn’t using his cellphone while driving his Bayliner and referred to such allegations as “fake news.”

I think we know whose jib he likes the cut of.


No way: the front of a boat is not a giant blindspot for the pilot.


It often is. In big unloaded freighters the blind spot can be way longer than the ship. In fast moving speedboats you need to stand up to be able to look over the raised bow. Which of course is what you need to do if you go fast, it’s not an excuse.


Well. Now there’s no need for some you tube “science” video demonstration to show that boat collisions don’t necessarily result in some fiery, 007, Hollywood-ish explosion.


Well at least there wasn’t a giant dolphin with rabies.


Only $350,000?


That’s not very yar.



an instrumental part, typically distinctive in effect, which is integral to a piece of music and should not be omitted in performance

now who wants to know where the flairs are stowed


Nah, it’s worse than that. Speedboats are the BMWs of the waterways, but that’s a cabin cruiser - basically the international sign for “I have too much money and no idea how to operate a boat.”


Yeah, that doesn’t seem very American. Were those salmon fishers communist or, worse, Mexicans, or something?

Make Salmon Fishing Great Again!


That was my thought. I mean maybe I’d SETTLE for 350k but I’d be suing for 7 figures at a minimum. I’d be perfectly happy to bankrupt that jack wagon.




Son-in-law’s response: “Nice tracking anklet you’ve got there, Pops! Does your house arrest perimeter let you enjoy your own Christmas lights?”