Watch: Star Wars fans get huge surprise when Mark Hammill boards Star Tours ride at Disneyland


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Unfortunately the appearance of Mark Hamill at Disney’s “Corvette Summer” ride was not enough to make it worth the ticket.


All the likes go to you!


I am willing to bet a couple people may have peed.


As someone who has seen that movie, I am reluctantly forced to agree with you. I’d rather strap myself to the underside of an “It’s A Small World” boat than ride that sucker.


He should have bumped his head on the doorway on the way in.


I have not seen this movie, but I have seen the Star Wars Christmas Special multiple times.

Am I equipped to deal with it?


i seriously would have cried. hell, i’m tearing up just watching the video and imagining being there.


Haha! I remember seeing that corvette as a kid and thinking it was the coolest thing ever. Looking at it now has me reaching for Pepto Bismol.


Statistically speaking it’s not a great idea to board a spaceship with Mark Hamill. The first time R2 did so he took a laser to the face. Then the gunner on Luke’s snowspeeder took a laser to the chest. Then R2 survived a crash landing with him just to get swallowed by a monster.


So it’s not safe, but you’re in for an adventure.

Briefly, in some cases.


Yes, but who was the rebel spy on the ride? I would be amazed if the ride picked Hammill!


Wait, who’s that guy? Voice of the Joker, right?


I was at Universal once for a meeting and a friend of mine happened to be taking the bus tour. She recognized me walking and shouted out my name. I laughed and waved back, and everyone started taking pictures of me, so I waved at everyone. I wonder who they all thought I was.

Probably Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt


You know, you’d kinda think the Force would be with his fellow passengers, too. Just a little bit?


HUGE NERDS! (Man, I wish I had been there!)


I would have been, if not for a conflicting dentist appointment. But the hygienist said I’ve been doing a great job with my flossing so I’ve got that for consolation.


No wait, isn’t he the voice of Swamp Thing?


If I were there, I would just plotz.


It’s not a bad movie, it’s just not a very good one either. Basically a mild formulaic comedy road movie with a truly horrific modified Corvette as the centerpiece. There isn’t much to it at all; Mark Hamill gets the car back, the girl, slight justice prevails. . .shrug. It’s biggest problem is that after “Star Wars” it seems like a huge step down for Mark Hamill, but you have to remember that he was a young, starving actor at the time - while his iconic role grew in stature, he still had to get out there and hustle, and this was one of the ways Mark did it. But next to The Franchise, “Corvette Summer” is a grim reminder that ol’ Luke Skywalker was played by an actor who was trying to have a career.