Watch: Stunning rare white moose caught on video


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Rare white giraffes spotted in Kenya



Rarer still is a moose that has been trained to mix concrete and sign complicated insurance forms.


G-g-g-ghost moose!!!


Story idea, after surviving Moby DIck, Ishmael, gives up the whaling sea life for a peaceful existence in Sweden. Only to encounter the White Moose! He beakons!


Winter is coming


Nice, though I prefer the chocolate one.


Obviously, this one is just white chocolate. I can tell by the pixels. There’s an animatronic inside, just like the Terminator.



I made sure my kid read the beginning credits when we watched The Holy Grail.

Also, if you’re wondering why the antlers are white as well, moose shed their antlers like deer do. And when they grow back they initially have a velvet on them they later shed/scrape off.

Pretty neat, I didn’t expect that to be white too. They must be like ninjas in the snow.


“Jinkies, it turned out it was a weasel in a mechanical moose costume who was digging for buried Nazi gold!”


Of course it’s in Sweden. If that moose was in 'Merica, he’s already be mounted on someone’s living room wall.


I shall name him… Blanc-winkle. And Blanc-winkle shall be his name.


And he would have gotten away with it…


Well stroked, Nigel.


How far was this moose found from Sweden’s naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide springs?


Have to admit, I was worried when I heard something partway through that sounded like a round being chambered…!


That’s no moose, it’s a 10 pointed unicorn. Or a decacorn.

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