Watch subway cars align as train goes around a bend


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You can experience this in Toronto on the Yonge-University-Spadina line, so long as the train’s not too crowded.




The new spearmint / lemon / bubblegum line Tube trains in London have an articulated “one long car” design, so you get this effect, but it works better with the train in the video where there’s just a narrow doorway between each car.


Isn’t that now just “Line 1?”


Also the unibody trains in Paris Metro lines 1 and 14 (at least, it’s been a while)

See 1:55 in:


Oh, thats a long subway train. Somewhere in Japan, I guess because of the ads in katakana.


DC has (had?) double length buses with an accordian in the middle, and you’d get a similar sense when you sat way in the back or way in the front.


Inception or Dr Strange :wink:


That is oddly viscerally satisfying to watch.


Needs more BWAAAAAAAH!


Oh, that’s beautiful.


I only take the Spadina Bus


Back in Brooklyn, while taking the subway to school, I’d observe an interesting ‘effect’ by firmly grabbing and stabilizing myself by one of the vertical poles, basically coupling myself to the moving car. That allowed me to move in sync with every bump and jostle. That gave me an almost comical view of the other passengers as they were bumped and jostled back and forth. Just a way to pass the time on the subway when I wasn’t reading something there.


Here is a link to the Toronto Subway version I shot last year in February. At 30 seconds you can see all the way down the train to the back. I am at the front.


The effect I’ve always liked is how moving from car to car changes your frame of reference. Your car is stable while the next one appears to be turning and jostling around, but as soon as you step onto that car and look behind you, it’s the car you came from that’s turning and jostling around instead.


Pff kids, get off my lawn! And take your “Rogers Centre” with you!



A rare example of portrait/vertical cell phone video working better than landscape/horizontal.


Yeah, that will never not be SkyDome.


With the double-length buses, standing at the joint in the middle can be fun.