WATCH: Superman figurine lifted 95,000 feet in balloon and released


What was really impressive was when the figurine circled the Earth at high speed causing it to rotate backwards and reversing time. This undid a nefarious plot by Lex Luthor to sink California into the ocean by hitting the San Andreas fault with a nuclear weapon.

The balloon was kind of cool too.


Drop a pod with baby Goku inside. Now we’re talking historical accuracy.

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Strictly speaking, they made it about a third of the way to space.

Of course superman did reach his full powers:

This planet’s atmosphere is 0.000011% Krypton!

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How’d they get the shot of the parachuting Superman? Seems like it must have been composited later, which takes some of the joy out of the thing.

This just in: Kid in Italy killed by high velocity free falling super hero figurine …

What are the safety precautions for a stunt like this?

Small mass of the object, which together with lousy aerodynamics won’t let it reach sufficient kinetic energy to do any significant harm?


But we didn’t see the entire descent. How do we know he didn’t take a shortcut via a near-earth short-distance wormhole?

This was way cuter in 2002

Why does Superman need a parachute?

"Superman just crash-landed in my back yard. He’s not moving.

"…no sir, I’m not–no, I’ve never taken drugs. No. No, I’ve never been diagnosed with–look, can you just send someone over? The neighborhood kids are crying hysterically, and–maybe you’d better send an ambulance, a guy with an SDCC T-shirt is threatening to kill himself.

“…what? What? No, I wasn’t reading comics in 1992, but I don’t–what? A guy in a suit, a cyborg, and a teenager? What–look, can I just get a fucking cop over here?”

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Here in 'Merica I did a HAB launch a few years back and IIRC the FAA asks that payloads of 6lbs or more require FAA notification prior to launch. Again, IIRC, they require using low-tensile-strength string/line and a radar reflector of some sort. I did it with an old cellphone, a hacked camera, and an insulated lunchbag from WalMart. Highly recommended as a project, although expect the helium to set you back a touch.

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Hydrogen is cheaper and works just as well.

If it’s good enough for military artillery observation balloons (aka those “biological weapons mobile labs” aka hydrogen production vans from Saddam’s Iraq), it’s good enough for me.

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