Watch the Florida Gators mascot save a kid from a foul ball

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Props to Caroline for avoiding the clickbait temptation: “FL Gator Reaches for Boy, Beaned, Boy Revives”.
Kudo’s to the kid for returning the gesture!


As a UF alumnus, I heartily approve.

Those are some great new costumes by the way. Albert always did look a little lumpy before.

Edit re kids and gators: One of the best running gags to show prospective students is how UF’s Baby Gator daycare is only about 150 feet from Lake Alice, an on-campus lake that has a small alligator population. Yum yum!*

*Lake Alice is actually pretty safe, as long as you don’t go wading or swimming. I don’t know of any kids that have ever been eaten.


Go Gators!

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Florida get the hero it needs that makes for the best headlines, as is her way.

Although, for all we know, the 'gators have been the only thing keep Florida from descending in (even more) chaos, like the cat in Niel Gaiman’s The Price

Stuff like this reminds me that, yeah, we humans still totally deserve to live…


They’re good gators, Brent.

I applaud your positive outlook. It reminds me that we don’t TOTALLY deserve to expire.

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