Watch the Jackson 5's cereal commercials

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I had one of those records, back when someone else chose what I eat for breakfast. It disappeared in a puff of colored ephemera smoke decades ago, which is undoubtedly why I haven’t seen it since then.


These days, instead of a tangible mechanical storage medium you could play with a homemade contraption from a sewing needle and some paper, you can be happy if you get a QR-code with a lousy download…

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Was this a record glued to the cardboard box? I couldn’t figure out at the time if you had to send in or if it somehow came in the box.
My mother was a hippie who brought home oatmeal in a sack made from a pair of jeans but we had a TV too; you cant do both and not mess with a kids mind. I wanted what the box told me to but never received. I went nuts in college of course, my wife still remembers.


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