Watch the kabuki version of The Last Jedi

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Given that Rey is “only there to be rescued” why on Earth would anyone other than a knuckle-dragging patriarchal troglodyte want to?


No Kabuki, but this theater troupe, the Takarazuka revue, an all woman troupe, recently did a stage play of Rurouni Kenshin…

I got to see it an an anime convention a couple of years ago.

Theater in Japan seems like it’s got a lot of variety, from traditional forms to more western styles.


And Lucas “borrowed” from Kurosawa’s The Hidden Fortress.

Hello, full circle.

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Yes, not hearing enough somehow about the pear-shaped economy. Or that was '11 and enough. Wow, psychommu cues for party of 9 and crystal foxes for ex-street performers. Oes!


“The Last Jedi” doesn’t need kabuki – it needs a post-credit scene where the half-wit who wrote it, Rian Johnson, is officially blacklisted and told he will never work in Hollywood again. Even better would be an official announcement reducing Last Jedi and Force Awakens to fan fiction, and ceremonially burning all copies of them.

The fan hatred for The Last Jedi is disproportionate to its flaws, especially in a franchise where the prequel films exist.



How on earth does anyone expect to enjoy any story with such strong expectations about what characters should and shouldn’t do!

I’m pretty sure every time an adult fan cringes during a SW story there’s a thousand 8 year old kids enthralled by the same thing.


This is the truth. Now that the kids who grew up with the prequels as their Star Wars are getting old enough to make their opinions on the matter more broadly known; it’s become clear that many of that generation hold the prequels in warm regards. The same thing will happen with these new sequels, despite the ongoing bile and contempt from the grognards.


All pop media is perfect when you’re 10.

Just because it’s the Star Wars that came out when they were kids, and thus the one they feel most attached to, doesn’t mean it’s Their Generation’s Star Wars, in a cultural-relevance sense. That’s probably Hatty Potter or something

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