Watch: 'The Last Cruise' trailer about Covid's deadly Diamond Princess outbreak looks terrifying

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Yeah, I’ll pass on any cruise ship of that sort. However, I have entertained the idea of the Picton Castle.


Well, that’s the first time I’m reading “United States” and “early response to Covid-19” in the same sentence.


How the boat was greeted was the news story that was my big wakeup that covid could be much much worse in the US than feared, that normal health protocols were being ignored.
U.S. Health Workers Responding to Coronavirus Lacked Training and Protective Gear, Whistle-Blower Says - The New York Times I’m upset that the full reporting didn’t name the leadership involved, and that the full newspaper articles weren’t tattooed on the department heads who belittled the first of the US first responders who were sacrificed so they could pretend nothing was happening. Sounds like Alex Azar, but could have been several Trump bozos involved.


A different cruise ship ended up quarantined in the Port of Oakland, and you could see it from the Bay Bridge. My partner and I drove by it during quarantine, and it’s burned into to both of our memories as an early symbol of the pandemic.

She pointed out the dock and reminded me of it when we drove over the Bay Bridge a couple weeks ago (now a rare event). I pointed out that there were only three thousand people on the boat, which is less than the daily death count in the US over the holiday.

It was worth getting worked up over at the time, but we have had so much worse since.

I don’t think I have a real point beyond venting and noticing how the scale of everything exploded through the shitshow of 2020.

The documentary looks like it’s going to be an interesting slow-burn horror show. Might be interesting, might also be too soon.


The Picton does seem very cool- I had the chance to step on board once when they were in port.

I did also take the QE2 transatlantic as a child, and might well be interested in taking the QM2 transatlantic at some point. But there’s a difference in my opinion between slow travel by liner or cruise ferry (I’ve done IJmuiden-Newcastle which is arguably a cruise ferry, though not as impressive as the Baltic ones) and this sort of floating apartment building which doesn’t actually serve as useful transportation.


I remember watching a Canadian TV series about a voyage around the world on board the Picton Castle that I would catch bits and pieces of from time to time. It was much more about the relationships of the people on board than about the voyage itself. Like reality TV, only good.

Found it, well this is a blast from the past:


Yeah, that video set off a minor panic attack at the memory of how uncertain everything was back then.

It feels much farther back than just over a year ago though…


My mom went on a cruise last year in February before Covid blew up. Fortunately everyone on board was healthy. They got stuck trying to dock in Argentina (they never were allowed to dock) and finally made their way back to San Diego, where they were flown home. She had a great time, the rest of us were stressed.


I was at sea as a Chief Cook, the abatement of bacteria/pathogens is and should be top priority.
You’re in a huge incubator, with live human bait, what could go wrong will go wrong. The Cruise Lines don’t employ enough safety standards, plain and simple, at the great cost of humans.

P.S. As a lifelong sailor, cruising on these filthy infected petri dish[es] is not appealing in the least.


It was quite a sight, in what turned out to be the week before lockdown:

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If I had that gig (that I am not qualified for), I would want to adopt a scorched earth policy and overcook everything.

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Right? My first thought was, “How do you take aim at something that doesn’t exist?”

Part of me knows I will find this whole thing morbidly fascinating. The rest of me is noping pretty hard. But I’ll probably end up watching it when my true-crime fan wife sees the trailer.


Even then the little microscopic monster can still rear their ugly little heads.

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