WATCH: The most Russian tool of all time: the knife-flask shovel

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Those sneaky Russians are always hiding things in other things. Like guns in knives.


No Amazon link?!?! :frowning:


Wait, hiding a knife in a gun? So you can cleverly bring a knife to a gunfight?


Bringing a knife to a gun fight isn’t clever.

Bringing a gun to a knife fight is.


Right!? What sort of cruel bastards dangle that sort of awesome in your face, with no avenue for attainment?

Who needs Amazon? Get inspired and go to the proper kind of a shop. :stuck_out_tongue:

…thought… booze in a spare laptop battery, while keeping its xray appearance the same…

I’m just agog as to what an instant party this thing is. Get some tomatoes, bread, a cucumber, whatever sausage is lying around and one of these and just reap the success that life has been holding from you. Cut enough vegetables and your vodka becomes a bloody mary!

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