The stoner army knife


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“For tobacco use only”.


Do… do we really want stoned people around sharp objects?


There’s days like this where the BB Store reminds me of my younger days, visiting Waterbeds ‘n’ Stuff in Columbus Ohio, and thinking wow, I wonder if there’s people who actually buy swiss army knife hash pipes and think they’re super cool.


As long as we don’t go all “Children of Men” where the human population goes sterile, the answer will be “yes”.


That is a weird combination of merch: waterbed stuff and stoner stuff. Is there a connection I am too square to know about?


Yeah that’ll stop 'em.

How else will we make a bong out of an apple when we’ve run out of all other options?

There is a connection, but it’s one of those weird tangential serendipitous connections that I can’t really explain except to say it exists.

On the subject of head shops and Ohio, when I was living in Yellow Springs there were three count 'em three head shops. The downtown area is about the size of a city park.


Back in the 80s, the Waterbeds n Stuff stores were more or less legit waterbed shops in the front, and then a cordoned-off 18+ section in the back was the head shop/porn area. The last time I was in one (out of curiosity), it was all head shop, plus some waterbed accessories. I always assumed the connection was “waterbeds are mostly purchased by stoners with sleazy bedrooms”.


We already need scissors, a sharp knife and a lighter to roll a joint, unless these “sharp objects” you are speaking of are katanas made of burning uranium, the risks can’t really get much worse than they already are.


Maybe it’s because of this.


You beat me to it:

Antioch College is Ohio’s answer to UC Berkeley, without the same level of prestige or funding.


Well you can tell I don’t smoke weed, but the people I know who did just used papers and didn’t cut anything. They were probably doing it wrong.


And SAKs have always come with an emergency roach clip, so the basics are covered already.


You got that right. I remember ten years ago when the shit really hit the fan. Antioch is very fortunate it still exists.


I’d say if you’ve ever jaywalked, the tobacco proscription shouldn’t be an insurmountable problem.


That thing looks it’d clog up the first time you use it.


I did not know this before reading a Slate article, but Dave Chapelle is a resident.


I may be a bit of a pedantic when it comes to rolling a good joint. :wink:


*eye twitch*


I find talking about ‘pedents’ to be worthwhile in certain company, too.