There is a hidden knife in this marijuana leaf pendant


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If I was going to conceal a knife within an accessory I would probably choose an accessory that was less likely to attract the attention of overzealous law enforcement.


Waiting for @Medievalist to tell us how it is done.


How to conceal a knife in a sword. Inside another sword.


Actually, I own one of these:

It’s not sharp (or even well made), and I only own it as a part of an escalating Christmas gag-gift war with my nerdy brother. But yeah, it’s a sword that breaks down into a bunch of smaller blades.


A half-inch (i.e., 1.27 cm)? Seriously? That’s about as much of a knife as my car key. (OK, admittedly, it could be really sharp, but is there much purpose to this?)


all this amounts to is proof that there are a lot of fifteen-year-olds that don’t have anything better to spend their money on. the free market will abide all comers.


Pretty sure it wouldn’t involve hiding it…

I have my K-Bar zip tied to my camel back for when I do yard work. Gone to Lowes a few times with it on. No one cared.


They make knives that look like keys or are the same size of keys which would be 10x more practical.

Reminds me of that Schwarzenegger movie where they make fun of his belt buckle knife and then he ends up stabbing one of the bad guys. Something like, “I can’t believe you stabbed me with this cheap piece of shit.”


You could put your weed in there.


You’re going to burn your fingers on a hot knife that small.


For serving Turducken?


This pendant is nowhere near as “dope” as would be marijuana leaf shuriken. Just look at it!


fund it.


Buddy of mine in college had one of those gigantic commando “survival” knives with the hollow handle, designed to store matches and fishing line and other survival knick-knacks, but of course he put weed in it, because he figured in a dire situation that’s what he would need most.


Couldn’t log in earlier, seems fixed now.

I’d guess it’s a lost wax casting. You can cast zinc alloy pot-metal right on to the blade, and cast the sheath/pendant as a separate piece. But I’m not going to buy one to find out for sure!


Video of Mister 44 open carrying his blade on the way to Lowes.


Seriously? Why not make it a roach clip, or a poker for bowls. An itty bitty knife is just stupid hidden in a pot leaf, unlike my peace necklace that hides a fold out AK-47 which is super awesome and theme appropriate!!!


Either you just don’t know or you only smoke buds…It’s a Dab Tool


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