Watch the new Green Day video starring Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo

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If there is such a thing as the perfect Pop Song, that’s it.


For further consideration:

The sax at the end is perfection.

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Pretty good placement for HD. Anyone recognize the model and year?

ETA - presumably an XR-750 but the logo doesn’t look right, so perhaps a mashup for marketing reasons? Did not know this until now but Evil Knievel did most of his record jumps on an HD XR-750.

kids these days [smh]
back in my day we didn’t try to impress the girls with a shiny helmets, fancy motorcycles and a smooth landings.

we did it with casts, stitches and ever-growing collections of scar tissue


Considering the state of the world atm, I figured this song would be more in-line with “Wake me up when September Ends” or " Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"…

It’s vastly more up-beat than I was expecting. I kinda like it.

Love me some Matarazzo. Dustin remains my favorite character on the show, and not just for that moment. You know the one. “I want to hear it.”

But I was a bit surprised at how old the members of Green Day looked. I’m getting to be old as dirt myself of course, but I remember when they looked so young. Guess I just haven’t seen their faces in a while and had forgotten they were in their mid-40’s now.

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Well that song is catchy as hell.

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