Watch the President of Costa Rica swallow a wasp


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But was it tasty?


He looks like a regular guy with a sense of humor. Why can’t we have a president like that in the US? It seems that only assholes get very far along in our process.


This was making the rounds on Spanish-language TV last week, I was in a local Salvadoran restaurant picking up some take-out and wondered what everyone was laughing at, this clip was up on the TV screen, not hearing the audio I thought it was a fly. “Que es? Una mosca? Es como se dice ’ en boca cerrada no entran moscas.’”


Sickening. Wasp was just flying around, not doing any harm, and this MONSTER decided he had the right to end its life. On behalf of all winged insects, I think this video should be taken down. We should not be forced to witness such wanton barbarity.


Don’t wasps sting in Costa Rica?


Like chicken.


No. They ‘picadura’.


like. like. like.

no they go on eco-tours and rent air bnb’s in the tree canopies. oh, you meant the insect, didn’t you…


I am not familiar with wasps that small.


We just did.


There is an episode of ‘The Sky at Night’ where the late, great Patrick Moore swallow a bluebottle. Of course, being Patrick Moore, he carried straight on without a pause.

I have seen him live. He spoke even faster than on TV, with never an ‘er’ or ‘um’ the whole time.


Pura Vida!


He’s ready to take on the Reavers.


No, they “Pican”


Am I seeing ‘regional’ difference in the use of the Spanish language?



Perhaps he’ll die?


Yeah I look forward to seeing which animal he’ll swallow to catch the wasp.


Actuarial Perspectives on Entomophagy claims that only older females show a change in mortality rate.