Watch The Ramones on Regis and Kathy Lee (1988)

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Letsee… the Ramones sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mr Burns in 1989

so the interview with Regis_and_Kathy could’ve been the inspiration for the writers of The Simpsons

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I remember hearing a story of someone going to a relatives house in the late 70’s-early 80’s for some family gathering, and at one point their kids came out, all adolescents, and performed the Ramones 1st LP complete on their guitars and drums, then left and went back to their rooms and the party went back to normal. I wish I knew if this story is true.

Anyway, it can’t be underestimated how important this band was for a lot of kids growing up.

I made a Joey Ramone zombie on the original Plant’s vs Zombies’ Zombatar (make your own zombie).

I called him Joey Ra-Moan.
Zombatar - Joey Ra-Moan

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Today I learned that Regis and Kathy Lee were a thing in the 80s! Swear I did not hear have any awareness of them by osmosis until at least a decade later!

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