Watch the real fruit ninja slice apples while juggling

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That’s very impressive, but wouldn’t a low-force pitching machine of some sort be more reliable?

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They’re not wasting food, but they could put those crab apples in a nice hard cider. You want a mix of different types of apples, and crab apples can contribute tannins, acidity and the natural yeast on their skins.

Regardless of how much I digress, that is pretty damn impressive.


I’ve gotta say, I’ve never seen crab apples that large. I’m accustomed to the cherry-sized ones. Fascinating.

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Next time I expect airborne slicing!!!

While the tosser here is good, I wonder if a higher count could be achieved with a mechanical system that could be adjusted by the ninja to go as fast as he can cut. Perhaps large + and - buttons near his feet.

But perhaps the limit is in how fast the ninja can juggle? Might need shorter and/or lighter knives. If he could cut with both hands, could he double his score?

Not a juggler.


There’s also the fast/slow pitch problem. In Kansas, it’s hedgeapples, that look like green brains, and would be pitched like softballs. /s

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