Watch the trailer for Disney's "Disenchanted"

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The original Enchanted was fun, especially its outdoor musical scenes. I truly hope they keep that whimsy this time around and don’t get too serious about it all.


I believe I heard Alan Tudyk once again voicing a character (sounded a bit King Candy).

After binging on Doom Patrol, I’m ready for more crazy Alan.


I eagerly anticipate the final chapter of this saga, Undisenchanted lll, Last Chants.


That’s something to look forward to. Separately, my dad used to own a carwash in Monroeville, but it looks like a different one in the movie.

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If you are not already watching it Resident Alien on Peacock is Alan Tudyk acting the most Alan Tudyk


Never seen it! I also don’t have Peacock so that’s probably why. I’ll do some youtube surfing for it though, thanks!


seems like there could be trademark problems


In most circumstances you can’t trademark a title even if it’s the same word, let alone a similar word. For example the 1998 film The Avengers (and the 1960s show it was based on) didn’t stop Marvel from making a movie of the same name, nor did Avatar: the Last Airbender stop James Cameron from using the title for that movie about giant space Smurfs.


Considering that (a) Disney’s Enchanted predates Matt Groening’s Disenchantment by several years, (b) most of Groening’s trademarks on Disenchantment (there are a lot) are related to a specific logo design and in the context of merchandising, and (c) enchanted, enchantment, enchanting, disenchanted, disenchantment, disenchanting, etc. are all common words in the context of fairy tales and fantasy storytelling which likely prevents the trademarking of the word itself in terms of a title of a tv show, I don’t think there’s a trademark issue here. Even if there were, Disney’s lawyers vs. Matt Groening’s lawyers … yeah, all that would happen is that Disney would either strong-arm Groening with threats of burying him under unrelated lawsuits, or they’d throw him a few bucks to go away. Plus, Groening is still an executive producer for the Simpsons, and I’m guessing he gets some kind of residuals for Disney+ streaming Simpsons’ episodes. He ain’t suing Disney.

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The show is Disenchantment and the film is Disenchanted… different enough I’d think.

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Definite Ed Wynn vibes.

I’ve taken voiceover classes, and a recurring piece of advice for character voices is to start with an impersonation of someone else (even - nay especially - if it’s not a good one*).

  • Fortunately, Alan Tudyk was able to overcome his curse of being an excellent actor.
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