Watch the world’s fastest clapper in action


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get this guy and a bunch of these for a lightshow?


This guy been bested!


Watch the world’s fastest clapper in action

I’d love to, but blog view is cutting off most of the video.


Pair him with somebody who can say “Rhubarb” a hundred times a minute and you’ve got yourself a compact portable crowd.


Like this?




Why the earbuds? Or were they just hearing protection?



Combine him with the Micro Machines guy and you can have a band with the world’s shortest song covers…


Wow this guy really likes me!


He can get in bed before the room even gets dark.


I am just happy knowing that somewhere out there an eccentric but lovable weirdo with a penchant for clapping fast is seeing this video for the first time, and suddenly realizing that their talent could be recognized internationally.

They will watch this video (maybe three times!), and then say to an empty room, “Oh, this is so on.”


Maybe more like this:


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