WATCH: Theremin Cat does the solo from Good Vibrations


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And, then, at 0:39, he does it without even looking. Cats are such smug assholes.


aww, one day late for Black Cat Appreciation Day. but he definitely was rockin’ it.


What is it about theremin payers, man and cat alike, that cause them to stare creepily into the camera thusly?


Let me correct your heading:
Cat Plots Owner’s “Accidental” Death


Actually, the instrument you hear in “Good Vibrations” is a tannerin, a relative of the theremin that is much easier to control.


It looks like the cat was getting help


The “Meh” expression of the cat is really what sells it.


Damn it, I still miss my little black kitty! He was such a sweetie…


black kittehs = some of the best kittehs.


No, it was actually a precursor to the tannerin, called an electro-theremin, and designed by Tanner. Only one was built. In addition to Good Vibrations, the Beach Boys used it for I Just Wasn’t Made for These Times and Wild Honey. It was also used in the theme to the TV show My Favorite Martian.


They get extra points from those of us who wear black clothes


I don’t think I’d ever seen a cat this tired of your shit.


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