Watch these Chinese firefighters hysterically and hypnotically jumping rope

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I went through Firefighting School at Academy. The certification was highly desirable for Mariners. That said, the insane physical exercises that they came up with were torture. The worst was running at full speed in very cramped spaces with full gear on, next to impossible to make the course without eating shit.

I lived in China and for many things society says “yeah sure whatever good enough, it will happen when it happens, or it just has to be good enough” but for fire fighters they run a tight ship. Maybe it is because many buildings have no sprinkler systems, or with high population density you have to be able to get people out of a building fast and put out a fire or you will have massive casualties. Every morning around 5AM I could hear them drilling, at noon they were drilling, at 7PM they were drilling. Roll out the hose, roll up the hose. Up the ladder down the ladder. Jogging/ exercises all day. It is serious business.


the guys spinning the rope are also impressive.


I imagine that spinning the rope is a discipline in itself, taught and practised at length

I also imagine that someone has already edited the video into a seamless ten hour loop.

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This video inspired me to finally look up the origin of the phrase “Chinese Fire Drill.”

As I expected it’s pretty racist. Nice coordination on these dudes, though!


Wait til you see their double dutch version

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For anyone who’s in a hurry: Yes, they keep it up the whole three minutes.

No no no, slow them down to 1/4 and play the Adagio for Strings.

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I coach 6th grade boys soccer, and can only dream of team discipline like this!

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Why are firefighters wearing camo? And supervised by half a dozen guys in military uniforms?

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