Watch these cows become enchanted by a little girl's concertina performance

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when i started beginner band in 6th grade, mom and dad suggested i practice out in the yard. it delighted me and amused the family when the family herd would gather around the fence next to me when i played. i performed for them for several years.


I had a similar experience with two horses when I lived in Snowdonia (I dearly, dearly miss home. “Hiraeth”, as us Welshies call the longing for your homeland).

I sat down in the middle of a field and played guitar - the two horses we were looking after started galloping in a circle, about 10 meters around me.

It was one of “those” moments… Just a little bit magical.


Ten seconds later, enraged by the end of their entertainment, the cows have overwhelmed the gate and are mooving in for the kill…



Young girl serenades cattle with her concertina | Boing Boing

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Ah the Hand Organ, what bewitching it does to the ears.


To be fair, cows are very bored. They will approach anyone standing nearby, whether for entertainment or in the hope of some food. If she REALLY wanted the cows to love her, she’d have brought a bucket of banana peels or potato scraps!


Grrr stupid cows. Do you want to put me off steaks now and
forevermore? Do you?

(“Broccoli forest” by the wonderful Carl Warner)


Exactly. We used to have a guy come to slaughter a steer once a year or so. He’d pull his truck into the pasture, and while he was getting his .22 off the gun rack in the cab, the cattle would gather around…

That’s so evident by how they interact with people who treat them as pets and interact with them in ways one would with, say, a dog. The cows become so animated and (dare I say it) cheerful. They seem so capable of so much more than what’s usually expected of herd animals.

Phunny, my cat loves it too, thrice now it comes running when I play the viddy :wink:

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