Young girl serenades cattle with her concertina


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Cows. :cow: There’s a Gary Larson bit in there somewhere.


My cows prefer Rammstein.


i saw this video the other day and my first thought was “damn, cows got great hearing” – i mean, they are FAR away!


Beauty of the unexpected. Ten moo zens / ten.


Are you sure they’re not just small?



They make a great audience. I’d have been more inclined to practice back when I played tuba if I had that kind of opportunity for non-judgemental feedback.


I know, they never throw beer bottles at all!


"Britches full of Stitches"

Twas wondrous it twas.


Ah, the good ol’ 30-button Stagi Anglo. I learned to play on one of those things, though I eventually upgraded to a very nice Herrington.

I should add she does pretty well. Her style is unornamented, but she clearly doesn’t have to think about which button and what direction - a bit of a challenge if you are used to more straightforward instruments.

I wonder if Irish cows would react differently to an English concertina…


That was pleasant. Cows know more than we think they do.


Well of course Irish cows would react different. They would still want their pint of Guiness.


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