Traditional cow summoning song


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Quite Moooo-ving, really.


“Traditional Cow Summoning Song”

Scandinavian magic is weird. Everybody else just summons daemons or spriggans, right? Those shoes won’t fix/curse themselves…


To judge by what happens in the last few moments, this is obviously the Swedish-cow equivalent of Barry White.

Also: long floaty white dress in a cow field? Yeah, you’re not getting the grass (or worse) stains out of that.


I must be doing something wrong. All I keep getting are these giant worms.


True fact: the tuning B flat on a tuba is sexually arousing to alligators.


“I thought I was dreaming” said I cow to another.



Needs more cowbell.




Needs more


cow calling + diablo cow level = the best way to start my monday. thank you. <3


The reverberant landscape of Scandinavia is not unique. It is just like any other valley. It does not have peculiar acoustic properties.

And now you’ve got me doubting this is the ancient song of the cow. It’s probably glorified Bjork.


From that YouTube page, Jonna Jinton writes:

"In the middle of the bright summernight I went out to call for the cows. I thought that maybe, something deep inside them, remember the sounds from the ancient times when people called for them over far distances.

They came running, together with a million mosquitos :slight_smile:
But what a magical night."

So clearly, the mosquitos favor the dress, in case calling those is part of the goal.

If the cows are out past the fence, it works too:

This one has a really great ring to it:


I thought this was a traditional cow summoning song…


This is some serious Indo-European shit right here…


I thought that this was the traditional BBS cow summoning call?


Cow blessing song



I do not understand your post. Could you explain, are the ellipses to communicate something?