Watch this birdie do a pretty much perfect R2D2 impersonation


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That was bad ass!

…now stop buying birds as pets!




Not buying it. How do you “teach” a bird to do that? Make your own perfect R2 noises until it obeys? Or just dub them in?


Well, yeah. They’re imitators.


What the hell is he imitating? His DVD?


It takes roughly four seconds to find a montage of R2-D2 beeps on YouTube, and the second result is called “R2D2 Sounds for bird mimicking”.


I love everything flying from pterodactyls to the space shuttle, and seeing a bird with clipped wings inside a cage is a huge downer for me. I dont see a loving pet, I see a caged animal that was born to be free with the wind.

Wild caught birds should not even be a thing.


Mrs. slybevel works with animals, including birds. I’ve met happy birds and unhappy birds.

The “wild caught” thing makes sense, but I think you’re being overly broad.


If you ever wondered what R2-D2 on speed would sound like…


Shouldn’t be a problem to teach the bird to sound like a modem handshake.

Also, some of the motifs of the sounds are quite similar to certain low-speed digital radio transmission modulation schemes.


I’m fine with birds as pets, but like dogs if you keep it in a cage all day you are a bad person. It’s not so much pets that are the problem as that most people take terrible care of their pets.


I eat chickens and turkeys (though we do go to extremes trying to find meat raised humanely as possible), and my wife owns a semi outdoor cat, so Im also a hypocrite. But I do realize these are just my personal boundaries. Just like I don’t feel bad for disliking bird owners, vegans dont feel bad about disliking me because I eat cheese lol! Again, much of this is because of my deep love for all things flying, I also feel it when I see old planes being chopped for scrap.

I also dont do zoos, circuses, or own pets that have special environmental needs that differ from mine- fish, reptiles, etc.


I’m gonna second that zoos and circuses part. We agree 100% there, although I think circuses are at least three times as evil as zoos.


YUM!!! Rebel Budgies…


…of course they are, zoos don’t have clowns!

some zoos do a ton of conservation work, have very spacious and natural habitat enclosures, are breeding animals on the verge of extinction for release, educate about animals and the impacts of humans.

on the other hand, some zoos are cement prison camps for animals.

(just saying there is a wide range of zoos, i agree that some are horrific, but i also think some are doing quite a bit of good work. for whatever it is worth…)


My freshmen year of high school, I watched the original trilogy once a week on average. Our parakeet loved the scenes with R2D2 in them and he’d whistle back just like this one is doing. I got in the habit of whistling R2D2 sounds to him as well.

People think of parrots as the imitators, but our parakeet could recognizably say, "pretty bird, Pepper’s a pretty bird, " also.


This is spot on. We’ve all heard horror stories, and sometimes a good zoo fucks up. Like I mentioned before, Mrs. slybevel helps animals, and the zoo folks she knows are decent people who care about the animals and do the best they can.

Circuses are a completely different animal, if you’ll pardon the pun.


This is even funnier if you understand R2D2ish.


#Aaaaawwwww yeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh