Watch this brilliant response from a guy who takes Photoshop requests


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00:37 - Thank you! :clap:


That one was good. The “longer dress” one from the asshole slut-shaming the woman in their picture was gold!


And the very last one, as well as all the ones he didn’t change.
This guy is a happy mutant of the highest order.


More people like James Fridman, please. What an awesome guy.


Reminds me a lot of Photoshop Troll. He’s a funny guy too.


James Fridman, can you make me a sandwich?


When my kids would ask me to “make them a sammich” I would snap my fingers and say “Poof, you’re a sammich” and laugh… Dad jokes…


I like the “malevolent genie” vibe he has going.


[off topic] Anyone know what kind of vehicle that was at 46 sec.? (EDIT: In “Come take it away”)
I’m guessing some kind of Morris.

“I’m bored”
“Hi Bored, I’m Dad”


“Dad, I’m cold
Me -go stand in the corner
because its 90 degrees.”


Apropos for BoingBoing (at 23 seconds):






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