Watch this emotional moment when this woman takes her first breath after a double lung transplant


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Hooray for modern medicine!


Bummer on the misdiagnosis but Science!


I knew a teen with CF. Not a typical case - she ran track and sang soprano, but it was a constant battle.


My eyes are sweating, a lot.



Her expression when she draws that first unobstructed breath is just wonderful. You want to laugh and cheer and dance. Hooray for modern medicine! :grinning:


Go science.

Amazing what we can do against nature. (Good and bad.) And it is a shame we spend brainpower on making other people’s lives so miserable.


I hope the donor’s family got to see this.


Amazing! Imagine being able to remember your first breath.


I had a friend with CF who moved to my city in the late-80s, and the department of the big university teaching hospital that was the regional specialist place for CF did not have any non-pediatric gowns, as it was rare then for patients to survive into their 20’s. So living to 30 without diagnosis is already quite special I would think.

Another friend with CF after a double-lung transplant “This is the most amazing thing, I recommend it to everyone! You just feel so good afterwards when you can breathe and all!”


In my life I’ve sampled just about every recreational substance an idiot young person could get their hands upon, but the look on her face just breathing regular old oxygen is clearly no match for any of them.
tl;dr Take care of your lungs, folks.


There is apparently quite a range in CF severity depending on which particular mutations you have. There are a surprisingly large number of different defects and if you have any two of them you get CF. Some are definitely worse than others.



It’s her gesture – spreading her arms out wide – that does me in.


Good reminder when it seems like I have nothing to be grateful for. I can always take that breath that she couldn’t.


Very moving. My uncle was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis which resulted in a double lung transplant.

Typical life expectancy is less than 5 years but he’s going on 10+ with his new lungs and thanks God for every new sunrise.

Please everyone, remember to check the organ donor box on your license renewal.


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