Watch this fellow's amazing daily photo video of his weight loss

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Pbbt! I did the same video, but mine didn’t have weight loss and also it was my junk.


The best part of the video is the increasing happiness and confidence you can see on his face as his body transforms.

Whereas in “Everyday” there is the constant, bland existential dread you can see on his face as nothing happens.


According to his page here, he lost 20-kg (44-lbs) over 3 months. That comes out to losing about 0.5-lbs a day, or 3.5-lbs a week, which is kind of pushing the calorie deficit for most people (even with heavy workouts). According to most reputable sources the maximum most adults should be aiming for is around 2-lbs/week, with 1-lb/week being the recommended goal.

Still, it is nice to see him revelling in his progress. He’s obviously a disciplined guy who maximised a common-sense nutrition and exercise plan, so more power to him.

Video proof of the long-suspected correlation between fitness and smugness. Just look at it!


You lost your junk?!?


Fascinating. After a while you just can’t tell which way he’s rotating.

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My daily photo video looks just like this… if you play it backwards.

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