Watch this guy's hair grow out in a two-year span

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That was great. Uplifting without being mawkish, and some smashing editing and planning in the shots.


After looking at that beard let’s be honest, he didn’t save that much money on razors. I think I’d have that growth in a week or two.


man, and I thought my beard grew slowly.
now that my hairline is receding, my hairs are all weak and stringy and reach terminal length at the bottom of my neck. totally wack. I gave my hair a trim the other day, but if I hadn’t and made a video without shaving clean first, you’d see my hair remain exactly the same at my neckline and my beard grow another inch or two or three. and the point on my forehead get a bit more thin.

loved his video but had to mute that music.


Wow! What a great video and inspiring story of his accomplishments in the Peace Corps. Great way to start the week.

Now, just stay off the internet the rest of the day!


In my next life, I’d like to be good looking and adventurous.


He’s got one of those very neutral, evenly featured faces, which means that at every clip he ends up resembling a different person I know.


Seriously, I have a beard like that in less than a month. On the other hand, I’m mildly jealous of his luscious man-hair locks. So vibrant! So bountiful! I grow my hair out, it looks like a sad grey dish towel.


This is scary.

I last had a haircut in 1971, I was 11.

It came down to my waist, mid-back when braided.

This year due to health reasons and maybe relatwd stress, it started coming out a few months ago. Tangles didn’t help, but it came out so easilt that it has to more than tangles.

I stiil have decent hair on top, but the hair is no longer dense, and now what remains is chin length.

I can no longer reme!ber how long it took to grow, I just let it grow as it coukd. Though I didn’t give it much care for the first ten or so years. Even two years to grow back seems a ling time when I’m used to it being. Maybe he has slow growtj, but I’m no spring chicken anymore.

I didn’t shave for a couple of months, the longest since I shaved off my beard in 1993. It grew back fairly well, full and bushier than I remember. It had always been scraggy in the past, very wiry hair. So maybe there is hope.

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