Watch this huge water main explode in the middle of the road


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From the original video description :

“In Kiev, during technical work on the water canal, a pipe broke through a two-meter diameter. Asphalt ripped like paper. A water volcano with fragments of asphalt, rubble and mud washed away almost the entire street. The pillar of water and mud reached the seventh floor. Fortunately, people did not suffer. But damage was caused to parked cars and the building near which the water pipe passed.”


I liked the truncated version

near which the water pipe passed.

This waterpipe is no more, it has shuffled off the mortal coil, it is an ex-waterpipe.


Thank goodness it wasn’t underneath one of the many beer gardens there! WHEW!


Waterpipe Morghulis?


Oh Yeah!


“… and that’s why we always close the sunroof after we park the car, son.”


What happened to the woman walking by, I wonder.


In Soviet Russia (yes, I know) infrastructure maintains you.



She just keeps on walking, as seen in slow-mo replay. That back window is definitely shattered though.


Fake news! Pipelines cannot burst or spill! I heard it on the news.


That’s oil and gas pipelines that are safe.

Water pipes are terrible and dangerous. All water should be purchased in bottles from large corporations.


I knew that parking spot was too good to be true.


Pretty much the same thing happened in Philadelphia while I was working at the Academy. Took the street out from sidewalk to sidewalk, revealed all the deep infrastructure, and yes, an impressive 7-story waterspout.

When people ask me how I know there are at least six separate levels of underground tunnels beneath Philadelphia I can truthfully say “Because I counted them.”


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