Watch this hypnotic seaside buugeng demonstration


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Seems limited. Nice long tail.


Sooo that looks like the intro some sort of tentacle video that will end badly… and thank you internet for ruining my brain forever.
The music was annoying but nice video and nice work with the buugengs.


No YOU’RE a buugeng!


My eyes are buugeng out!


First thought: bungie’ing on a beach? How does that work?
Second thought: I’ve been reading far too much Lovecraft recently.
Third thought: that’s a brilliant idea.


Why is the ocean receding in this video? Why is my brain contemplating this? Why can’t we all just get along?


Well no, but I found boogie at the beach.


Why do I have this strange urge to beat people up?


Can’t comment on the music as I watched it with the sound down. I was listening to Radiohead while watching. The video played to “How to Disappear Completely”. Try it. You’ll like it.


Because you’re a teenage girl with super powers?


Hm. Annoying music and second part of the clip is identical to the first (but in reverse).

Oh well, at least they didn’t film it in portrait mode…


“A buugeng is an S-shaped staff that looks like an ancient weapon but is a recent invention […]”
… by a company that makes boomerangs?


…No? It was invented by a juggler, refined by a martial arts performer, and is produced by all sorts of people.


This device needs to be weaponized immediately. It chops, slices, dices and snips!

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