Watch this impressive Betty Boop makeover tutorial

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“So um… yeah… I attempted to turn myself into Betty Boop, if she was a brown girl!”

Why not? It’s quite likely Betty Boop had origins in the Cotton Club.


That woman, she turned herself into the beautiful and talented;

Who wouldn’t?

Yeah, that was my instant response. I thought she was a (line drawn cartoon version of) a woman of colour…

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Have you seen Preacher? Ruth Negga kicks ass.
And got a deserved Oscar nomination for Loving, in which she also kicked ass.
She is enviable, in my estimation.

And, doesn’t this Ellarie look a lot like her in Betty Boop make-up?

Is that what you were asking?

Cartoon version of a white woman who stole the work of a woman of colour.


They look about as alike to me as Tom Cruz and John Oliver do. YMMV, but I’m not of the opinion that your initial post sounded as generous as you think it sounded.

Well, um, OK.

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I tried to find the most Betty Boop-esque photo of Ruth Negga I could find, and put it side by side with Ellarie. They don’t look much alike at all, other than the Betty Boop look, so I’m gonna agree with @One_Brown_Mouse and say your initial comment didn’t sound so good.


Not really, no.

maybe @Melizmatic can explain this, or @Mindysan33 . I’m fresh out of patience for non sense.

Ruth Negga:

A) Is a total BAMF, as well as a completely gorgeous woman.
B) Her look in Preacher is very Baby Ester-esque, especially with the short curls… but the physical resemblance to the woman in the vid ends there.

That is all.


RN reminds me a bit of BB is all.
(not directed at you M, but…) Jeez!

Reminds you a bit, or turned herself into? Because those aren’t the same sentiment, and your first one sounded… lets go with smallminded - or more hopefully, like an autism disorder featuring face blindness?

Not directed at you but, JEEZ!!

No, I mean your right, the two actual women don’t look anything alike.
It’s really just that RNs eyes and brows remind me of BB.


well that sounds entirely reasonable, jeez!

Here, I’m a little stuck on something.
Does Generosity = Admiration?

I’d boop it.

Among the first Betty Boop cartoons, in which she is still a dog-girl like Bimbo and most others in that world.
Though her first cartoon appearance, Dizzy Dishes, doesn’t have her colored in darker, this one definitely does.

It seems pretty clear, from the tight curl hair and this example of skin tone, that she is (or was, initially) conceived as a black character. She was also WAY sexier, with a very skimpy top, very short skirt, and numerous gags concerning her losing clothing or otherwise being explicitly sexualized.

Once the Hayes Code sprung up, her skirts lengthened noticably, her top became much more demure, and a most of the sexual humor was removed.

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