Watch this lion feel earth and grass beneath his feet for the first time in 13 years


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Very touching to see. That compound is still very small for a lion, but I guess he won´t complain.


I was thinking similarly. still not an ideal situation, but that is clearly a much happier lion. (is it weird to think massive predators like that are cute?)


…had the opportunity to touch the earth and the grass for the first time when he arrived at the Ranch of the Gnomes

He’s not just enjoying the new scenery, he’s getting back into his hunting game.


I can’t help it; after romping in the grass he gets to the fence and gets an expression on his face, “Small cage to . . . bigger cage . . . yay!”


The footage was nice, but that music is so intrusive!


I love how there are some points whenever you watch footage of lions or tigers or cheetahs or whatever where you see behaviour that makes you realise that deep down they’re just big ol kitties


big ol kitties with very sharp claws and pointy teeth that while they may not want to eat you with them can mess up if they want playtime with you.


Poor old fellow, glad he’s in a better situation. There is nothing so evil as a cage.


This whole stupid rock is a cage, with gravity well as its bars.


The next thing is to get this animal a huge, HUGE sofa he can shred.


Xeni, yer killin me! This old world…


I am guessing you haven’t spent much time locked up in jail? :smile:



Saw this clip before, but having trouble tracking down the story behind it.
Any actual info on where this is from? Cause and outcome?


No clue, it just showed up on Twitter this morning.


Would different music help you? I can’t tell if Born Free would be appropriate or not.

True enough, but I’m not sure what part of that is not redundant with “big ol’ kitties”.


This whole stupid rock is a cage, with gravity well as its bars.

Fly free my child, Fly Free.


This here is my grass.
That there is ALSO MY GRASS.
I am clawing up ALL MY GRASSES.


Ah, my friends from the prison, they ask unto me
“How good, how good does it feel to be free?”
And I answer them most mysteriously
“Are birds free from the chains of the skyway?”

Bob Dylan, Ballad in Plain D