Watch this machine cut car tires in half


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Good thing they kept the gate open so half a flying tire could kneecap somebody.


The blade starts much higher up than necessary. Be more efficient if they do three at once!


Probably KO only two people though. The first guy’s the victim, the second one’s the rescue party, the third guy would probably have learned to hang back by then.


What do they do with all of the tire-halves?




It’s the slow blade that penetrates the sheild. :slight_smile:
Also, a good example of why we have safety devices.


I meant tires, man! Tires!!!


No, that would be a bi-semicycle.

Hyphen added.


They’re probably cutting them down into manageable sizes so they can be further ground down into a crumb for use in roads cones and other industrial products.


I would assume so as well, since they have a machine dedicated to this. But I found other people using halves for garden planters and playground equipment. Also mentioned that tires will float in water and dumps if not cut in half first… Hopefully this is not what they are doing.


I think it needs a “This machine kills Fascists” sticker.

Too on the nose? :smiley:



They’re great for cultivating mosquitoes.


Looks a bit tired.


Constipation and then mandible explosion.

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