Watch this osprey catch a trout in super slo-mo

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Notice near the end, the osprey grips to fish so it is oriented facing forward, for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. The first time I saw this IRL, it gave me goosebumps.


Wow, this video is fantastic.

I had the privilege of seeing an Osprey dive and take a fish out of the water when I was in Oregon on the Rogue River.
That is something else to see.


That is no small fish either.

They fly lazy, overlapping circles over water as they drift. When they spot the quick-silver flash of a fish in the water, they fold their wings and just drop onto their prey. There are tons of 'em all over the place, here.

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Sweet. It’s not every day you get to hear Ewan McGregor speak with out affecting some not-Scottish accent.


Ah, the majesty of nature:

If there are fish rising they often make several abortive passes as they try to time it/get a fish that takes a little to long at the surface. Once I was fly fishing a hole for a while when an osprey showed up. We were chasing the same fish for about half an hour when the Osprey finally commited to a dive and flew off with the trout not twenty feet away from me. I’ve never been so happy to lose a fish to someone before.


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