Watch this spider weave her web with great care


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That was really beautiful! The longest I’ve ever been able to watch a spider without my bones squicking right out of my body.


Shiny orb weaver of some sort? Yeah, beautifully made web.


that is an awesome looking spider…


It’s a b0rked link spider; the blog view page is showing the Wizard Rock The Vote video. Spider doesn’t appeat til after the jump.


Spiny orb weaver, methinks.


It’s not the same without Wilbur, though.


Walk to next intersection. Pull right side of perpendicular strand towards you until you can twang another intersecting strand. Somehow know exactly where to connect your new bit from this twanging.



Looks like it has to do with leg length… front leg reaches and twangs while another leg is pulling the web in. Back leg reaches as far as it can towards the pulled in line. There seems to be a consistent gap between the line pulling leg, the intersection, and the reaching twanging leg.

Also, it is really damn cute. I was to anthropomorphize about cute toes and stuff.


Looks like a Skulltula spiny orb weaver to me.

They are beneficial creatures and harmless to humans.



Watching that makes me wonder, what if it were a robot weaving a radio telescope?


Looks like Gasteracantha cancriformis, a spiny orb spider. See here for images and more info:

Thanks for sharing this sweet video!


Yeah, that one. :smiley:


I don’t know which kind of spider it was, because the embedded player shot me a non-skippable, non-muteable, 45 second video ad at full volume and was forced to close the page.


This spider adds little tufts of silk to its web. According to Florida’s Fabulous Spiders(1) “these little flags serve a warning function to prevent birds from flying into the web, destroying it.”





I don’t know about the Skulltula resemblance, but it does kind of look like it’s wearing Majora’s Mask.