Listen to a spider web being constructed

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Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 13.39.56

Not that I could meaningfully detect.

Some trippy, ambient synthesiser tones and a sparse animation of some interconnecting purple lines.

Rather less than I was expecting from the write-up.

The second video was a tad more interesting, I suppose.


It’s entirely possible I’m misunderstanding this (I’m not up for watching a 29 minute video right now), but that all seems highly speculative.

‘The team assigned different frequencies of sound to strands of the web, creating “notes” that they combined in patterns based on the web’s 3D structure to generate melodies.’

It seems to me that a more purist approach would use the laser scanning device to measure the actual frequencies as struck by the spider or its lunch, and then maybe apply some (simple as possible) mathematical function to shift it to a frequency that’s audible to humans if necessary.

I bet that would sound exactly like the Jaws theme.

Also, this…

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Sounds like Tangerine Dream.


people keep saying this is “creepy,” but i think it’s quite pretty.

ugh…very disappointed that this wasn’t just the amplified actual noise of spider web production…not sure if that’s possible but there has to be some sound detectable.

Some years ago, I was inspired to write song lyrics by a stray remark in a Tom Waits interview, in which he claimed - among other things - that male spiders strum their web like a string instrument to attract females. A bit like Orpheus or rock guitarists. This is the first verse:

The macho spider weaves his web between my chestnut trees
It’s a masterpiece of engineering, buzzing in the breeze
His job is done. He longs to have a lady friend on board
Hits the strings of his new web to sound a major chord
It is a noise beyond the range of normal human hearing
But lady spiders as a rule consider it endearing
Too bad for him, black widows are notoriously fickle
Spider-Man may lose his head and end up in a pickle

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