Watch this teacher's brutal resignation speech to her school board

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I see the School Board spared no expense creating that elaborate conference room with custom seating and spaces for themselves.


Just because you could stay silent, doesn’t mean you should.

Right on. Words to live by.


Employers like this school board never learn: you can only get so far with your bullying and crappy behaviour when your key employees are smart, educated, articulate, and (this is one that tech workers still need to learn) organised.


The trouble is that tech companies want to keep their good employees because those employees do good design and write good code.

The Kansas government wants all the good teachers to leave so they can justify further dismantling the public education system because their governing party believes their long-term viability is dependent on an uneducated population.


I’m more pessimistic. In my experience, employers can get away with bad behavior. The bad behavior gradually drives out those who can leave. The ones left behind are those who are unaware of the problem, less-competent or just stuck at that institution for some other reason. In any case, none of these are a threat to the Vogons in administration/management.

I call this process institutional Alabama-fication (as opposed to civic Alabama-fication, the process the US is currently undergoing).

Note: I may be dark, but I have not yet come up with a scenario so dire that I would call it Mississippification.


And that their money should be going to private religious schools. Though I suppose that would amount to the same thing.


Totally true, though not every tech company treats their employees badly enough to make this necessary, and a lot/most of the ones who do rely heavily on H1B indentured labor who depend on them for their visa, and have to take the first new offer they get when they lose their job, no matter how crappy it is, if they don’t want to get sent home, which makes organizing difficult.

They can’t do that in every field without long term consequences. Some fields are so specialized that it takes years for a new employee to get up to speed, and companies in those fields usually take care to try to retain their employees for a long time. The closer what you do is to a commodity, the less that applies.


Dear baby jesus… for real? that’s not like a shared space used by the county/municipality whatever? I certainly hope it’s used for more than just the school board.


Brava, Amanda!!!

BTW: Catholics (especially) may note the dominant color of her clothing.


Trump and GOP.


Hey, the Kansas City metro area is in the ne- oh god damn it. Why can’t it be for something good?

Nice speech, though.


Why Catholics? I’m a bit confused about this.

Oh it is just me throwing it out there…I have no first hand or legitimate knowledge that says it was some specific slush fund to create the Legion of the Doom-esque School Board space.

I made out there is a sign mounted in the back…so the space is clearly specifically intended for the School Board’s use. And it clearly has specific seating at that Hall of Justice style council seating thing. I am just kind of saying “Look’s like a duck, quacks like a duck.”


The fact the board members were talking to each other and didn’t react at all to her statement that she was resigning effective immediately.
“You aren’t listening.”
Nope, they literally were not.


Teaching really is like a bad marriage, or a family with alcoholic parents. Everyone is not getting their needs met, everyone is competing for a dwindling pool of resources, (time, money, respect, energy,) and everyone is getting damaged. In my district the board, the admin, really are doing their best, but there simply isn’t the money. I don’t have the answer, but I know I have maybe 5 years max left in me, and possibly not even that much more.


In Catholicism (learned when I was in parochial school, as an altar boy) a red garment is symbolic, donned by martyrs, meant to declare their faith to some cause. Even atheist, lapsed-Catholics (such as I) know that one. :grin:


Seriously. That is some Star Chamber right there. Physically separating the lawgivers and isolating/derogating the supplicants. Maybe the architect was inspired by the trial scene in THX-1138?


I’m so used to the iron fist of the Age of Trump that I fully expected her mic to get shut off and goons to escort her out of the building.


Thanks! Even though I was nominally a Catholic for 20 years I didn’t know that. That symbolism is definitely fitting.