Watch this unintentionally hilarious "Kids And The Occult" VHS tape

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Funny that where ever you were born geographically or whatever god your parents happen to worship winds up being the religion/cult you follow.


But only MINE is the correct one


Pray for me…

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Another of these fine gentlemen who loves Israel, but hates Jews.


If you believe Jesus has magic powers then it follows that Satan must also have magic powers, and what is supposed to be about following a moral code to make the world better for all humans is really just a battle between two wizards, and we choose which team we want to be on.

In that sense trying to scare kids away from the occult is a losing battle. There are no magic powers on either side, acting like there are only makes “Satanism” more appealing.

We live and we die, and what matters is helping the poor and sick, and not being selfish and greedy.


based religion

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Are moral panics as common in the rest of the world or is their prevalence in the US unique?

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It’s not at all chilling when a law enforcement guy starts talking about “covert warfare” against imaginary “occult” forces… and then further goes on to make the label so expansive that everything but his own specific Christian culture fits into it. Where any non-Christian belief becomes a “gateway” to believing other, unrelated things (so even innocuous beliefs become “dangerous”). But it doesn’t even have to be an actual belief, either. Teeth represent a belief system. Circles, too.

This would be funnier if this kind of nonsense had gone away, but it’s just mutated into something that requires no proof at all, no connection whatsoever to reality.

Although, LOL at “What you are viewing is not a Hollywood scene” followed by what is clearly part of a movie. It’d be interesting to know what the reality was, behind his delusional statements. What movies he’s showing scenes from, what the reality was in criminal cases he mentions/alludes to. What the actual beliefs are of the groups he mentions (there’s a lot of “this group believes this… now here’s some other beliefs that I’m going to imply are shared by that group without saying it” nonsense), how many such groups actually existed (if any).

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They don’t have to pray for you: you’re already a genuine and authorised Pope, and should be treated right good forever.

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