Watch this very funny kid stare down ESPN camera during baseball game


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"Texas Christian University Frogs"


You surely remember their famous undefeated season, known as the Reign of Frogs.


Sir or madam, I regret that I have but one like to give. Bravo.


Also known as their “Exodus 8:2 season.”


I love a good goofy kid and this boy is a goof Also this little apple cheeked urchin didn’t fall far from the tree considering some of moms expressions. I’ll bet they have fun trying to out do each other with silly stuff. Refreshing


A young Donald Trump, dreaming even then of world domination…


How is labeling this kid as “a young Donald Trump” not the worst kind of hateful cyber-bullying possible?
I mean, can you think of any worse insult to bestow on a kid who did nothing worse than stare at a camera?

OK, you probably weren’t serious. Few people are, with insults like that ;-).


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