WATCH: Trump claims 'coup' against him led by Mueller, 'I didn't need a gun' to defeat 'attempted overthrow'

Does he not know that he’s the “Highest Level?”

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Ontario will swing hard left again after Ford finishes gutting education, healthcare and social services. Alberta will flounder around after the provincial Conservatives alienate everyone else in the country. Canada doesn’t have the same things to push back against, though I think the Trudeau Liberals will take a beating in the next federal election.


I’d love to see him try and get dragged out of the White House and perp walked through the rose garden.


He would never let that happen, I am sure. There would be a gunfight at minimum.

I truly know almost nothing about Toronto politics… but if Ford is an anomaly why is he the second of that lineage this decade to laughably bumble-fuck political office?


Unfortunately, between the broken Electoral College system, the Know-Nothing 27%, the conservative opportunists and cowards enabling him, and the incompetence of the Dem establishment, there’s a good chance that he might get a second term. I have my own exit planned in that case, because he’ll take it as a mandate to do more damage to the country’s liberal-democratic institutions (all this talk of coups is classic right-wing projection). However, not everyone has the luxury of being able to leave or is inclined to do so, so one way or another we have to support each-other should the worst come to pass.


Ontario’s been diving into deeper and deeper screwups with each succeeding government for decades. Th Ontario Liberal govt. finally did enough with what was left to really piss off the voters again. ford bullied his way into the provincial Conservative Premier’s candidacy and the voters voted ‘Not Liberal’. Now they have to deal with the consequences of that vote.
Sort of sounds like how the Orange Cheeto got elected and how Brexit came into being.


Yup, and unless there’s a second coming of Jack Layton, it’s not going to be the NDP that replaces them. And if you think Scheer’s Conservatives will be less-bad than Harper’s, I have some nice ocean-views in Saskatchewan up for sale.


And this is why I object to the general liberal attitude towards guns.

I believe there is a very real chance of this getting bloody and I have no desire either to abandon my country nor rely on others to protect me.

Or we could just split this one along the already existing majorities.

Draw a line from Myrtle Beach to Omaha to Tucson, and give them everything below it.

Meanwhile, the only reason it could get bloody is because of the general conservative attitude towards guns.


This is also true.

The question is what do you intend to do about it when they get tired of making threats and start acting on them?

How about NO.
Mostly becuase the lines are not there and you would be condemning A LOT of good people to live in that area or have to escape it.


Living in or retreating to a large and diverse city, preferably one in a “blue” state, will be the best option in the most probable scenarios of nation-wide violence (state-sponsored or terrorist). The key problem is then reduced to keeping an eye on the local cops in order to weed out the white supremacists and other supporters of right-wing violence, but that’s a collective endeavour that doesn’t require individual ownership of firearms.


It’s not only fear-mongering, it’s distractions and “whataboutism” at its purest and most obvious.

I smile at the thought that the GOP understand that their time is running out and are trying to keep the gravy train going as long as possible.

“If we can hold onto power until the ecosystem collapses, then we WIN!”
/sarcastic sobbing


We have seen that when push comes to shove, despite all of the right wing/religious propaganda being foisted on our individual troops, that the top officers DO put country first and refuse or work around ridiculous demands from Trump. I don’t think the military as a whole would support the ‘confederate’ side of the kind of civil war you’re talking about. And this isn’t 1861: having the U.S. military fighting for your side is worth a lot more than having a few hunting rifles over your fireplace, or semi-automatics hidden under the floorboards. It wouldn’t take 4 years.


Even the state National Guard units. They have tanks. They have fighter jets.


The truly scary part of this is that Scheer is cunning but not smart enough to do the things that benefit Canadians in the long run. Big or small ‘C’, conservatives all want to roll back the clock; they don’t understand time travel doesn’t exist.


No it isn’t. There will be a confounding factor this time around, if it comes to that, as I have mentioned before.

A confounding factor that has used the US military to train it’s people: not merely in firearms, but logistics, communications, and OpSec. These aren’t wannabes who washed out of basic or got a dishonourable discharge. They wouldn’t dare.

The gangs of today aren’t like what people think. They aren’t just kids running around with guns. And they are going to be their own entities in any violence that erupts in the US. Wars create black markets. Black markets are good for criminal organisations. The average person is going to be ducking a lot of bullets coming from all different directions.

The main fighting may not last four years, but the devastation could be even worse.


I don’t believe that is a realistic possibility. Not unless you’re talking about that city declaring it’s independence from the greater US, which also is not a realistic possibility. Either way, your solution is “run and hide somewhere safe”.

The key problem is then reduced to keeping an eye on the local cops in order to weed out the white supremacists and other supporters of right-wing violence

And just how fucking well is that working out so far? If you’re not sure, try asking your black and hispanic friends.

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