WATCH: Trump's apology with all the bullshit removed


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I don’t know. I think a few of those sniffs were BS too.


You could have left in the part where he said “we are less safe than we were eight years ago”, which is objectively true, at least until November 9th.


Nope, genuine.


Gordon Brown lost an election because of a hot mic.

If Trump gets elected after this I am going to be very upset with the population of the USA.


Nine seconds of sniffing and heavy breathing and then it’s done.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Donald Trump sex tape!


I was expecting a video of just him breathing. I was not disappointed.
This also works as a “no-bullshit” video for Trump for any subject.



I’m reminded of seeing “The Wit and Wisdom of Ronald Reagan” in a bookstore.
It was a notebook - all blank pages.



Too soon?


Thankfully the chances were never in his favour. The best the Republican Party was hoping for was to stem the damage to the other races (Senate, House, etc.) and now even more of those look like they are no longer as safe. A lot of people who normally vote Republican are going to sit this election out.


That’s a brilliant summary of Trump’s campaign…every day there’s “Just one more thing…”


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