Trump's Oval Office address with all the words taken out


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not really. but it does give me hope that he will kick it soon.


The ceasing of which would be preferable.




The only Trump speech I’ll listen to is one without words.


Those are the worst eyes yet.


The “facts” presented in his speech just don’t ADD up. The statistics were rife with ERrors, and I believe it is the responsibility of ALL news organizations to point them out.


He looks more like a pig every day.


Also noteworthy: this version of the speech is no less informative.


I managed to get through about 18 seconds of it before I had to turn it off. 18 SECONDS !! Yay !! I should get a medal or something.


Agreed. Beschizza has posted some twisted shoops on here but this one takes the cake.

Oh wait…


I think you should get the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

All you have to do is sit through his presentation, praise him, shake his hand, then thank him for the honor.


My impression is that he’s hyperventilating (or maybe microventilating) due to the stress of having to read a teleprompter. Looks like his anxiety and blood pressure are through the roof.

Fingers crossed he doesn’t blow a gasket! /s


That was nightmarish, and frankly disturbing.


Couldn’t we do this with ‘all the Trump’ taken out?


This makes clear the association with the term ‘windbag’.


Well… after that, nothing left to do but this:



That was much more unpleasant than I would’ve imagined.

I didn’t watch this “presidential” address thing (I went grocery shopping instead), but did the camera actually slowly zoom into his face, or was that a later edit? It would seem like a nice propaganda technique either way.


This is the first video of him I’ve ever seen that was not replete with slander, lies, and epithets.


Close your mouth, Donald. We are not a codfish.

I could swear that as the camera zoomed in I heard him say, “Rosebud.”