Watch Tucker Carlson's bizarre Friday the 13th monologue about Patriotic Optimism

Teaspoons exist in metric cooking! 1 tsp = 5ml. And 1 tbs = 15 ml.


So how do you half 1/3 cup? But halving 80 ml is pretty easy.


Thanks for your response.

I guess part of my query was why a knucklehead like Tucker would see it as a god given rite to have one system over another.

As a person who works with architectural plans in 3D visualizations and a former professional cook I’ve found that imperial to be an absolute nightmare when it comes to simple multiplications for lengths and weights. Grew up with imperial and then Australia converted to metric so have lived in both worlds.

In digital media it’s either bit depth calculations i.e. multiples of even/binary units or floating point calculations. Fractions may have a more non mathematical use in conveying a generally relatable human sense of scale for example half or a third of a size… good short hand.

Just struck me as strange that a conservative pundit chose to highlight metric as a foreign ‘radical left, Socialist’ concept that would unravel the American way of life.

Using the metric system is easier for me because I have 10 fingers, not 12.


I can actually shed some light on that and how it relates to a whole host of other conservative stuff here. (And people, please, don’t get all defensive. I’m explaining behavior, not endorsing.)

Short answer: conservatives feel shat upon (or attempted shatting) by the government and told how to live their lives. Their response is “FU sideways!” Partisanship amplifies this.

Example 1, global warming. Shouldn’t be controversial. But unfortunately the nitwits who first publicized it said it’s going to require big changes to lifestyle led by government. That’s 2 no-nos to conservatives. So they resisted. I actually think some of the thawing we see now is because it turns out we can de-carbonize without radical lifestyle change and the government doesn’t have to mandate it. (i.e. Tesla’s are cool. To which some idiots see as further shatting.)

Example 2, gay marriage. The government mandated a change to social custom. Don’t underestimate the resentment this caused. I actually think conservatives should have been in support since marriage tends to shift people more conservative. But what should have been just a minor fix to civil code was seen as an attack on tradition, religion, etc.

Example 3: ACA. Government telling people they must change how they get healthcare. Don’t try to explain it was good or not much change. It was seen as a huge takeover by conservatives.

That and some other examples over the last couple decades has hardened conservatives against government action that makes them change. Military and police would be making others change, which is why it’s seen differently. Metric would be seen as just one more imposition from the government that needs to be resisted.

Oh, and all of this helps explain Trump. Take a group of people that perceive to have been on the losing side from government telling them what to do. True or not is irrelevant. They perceive to have been shat upon by government. Along comes some guy who is willing to burn down the government and you end up with all these people who resent government following him. Point out how he’s screwing this or that up? In their minds “Good!” If liberals hate it, it must be good.

Ok, to repeat, I’m explaining why conservatives fight things like the metric system. Not justifying the fight. Everyone: Don’t bother pointing out how they are wrong this way or that. Irrelevant. They act a certain way because they perceive things a certain way (right or wrong).


Thanks for the context.

It just seemed like such a weird small throw away statement. The larger picture can be expressed in a small detail.

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