Holy Shit Have You Seen Tucker Carlson's New Trailer

His 3 part special claims the left is “hunting the right” and taking them to Guantanamo, and January 6th was a false flag


His new trailer?

Wait, let me guess – it’s way, WAY too big for his pickup truck. Am I right?


It’s to haul around all his unused workshop tools?

Srsly, though, if they think Jan6 was a false flag, why aren’t they investigating it?
Oh, right, because they know it wasn’t and they’re a bunch of monsters.


putin no want joe


Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson is doing a bang up job shilling propaganda for Putin, Orban or some other fascist he wants to suck up to.

Remember that Tucker’s boy spawn works for Jim Banks (gQp-Ind.)


“On the House floor, Rep. Jim Banks, who chairs the 159-member Republican Study Committee, led the GOP’s push to protect Bannon and shut down the investigation. He called it “a sham investigation conducted by a sham committee” and declared, “There is no committee conducting a legitimate investigation into Jan. 6.” Banks also criticized the Department of Justice inquiry into the insurrection, calling it “hyperactive.” The true victims, he argued, were the organizers of the Jan. 6 uprising—“American citizens” who “are under congressional investigation for the sole crime of planning a legal political protest.”

A direct line for this propaganda can be drawn from Banks to Tucker Jr to Tucker Sr.


Golly that sure sounds like a good reason for Republicans to demand a full and bipartisan congressional investigation into the events of January 6th then.


“From October 1993 to late 1994, RTLM was used by Hutu leaders to advance an extremist Hutu message and anti-Tutsi disinformation, spreading fear of a Tutsi genocide against Hutu, identifying specific Tutsi targets or areas where they could be found, and encouraging the progress of the genocide. In April 1994, Radio Rwanda began to advance a similar message, speaking for the national authorities, issuing directives on how and where to kill Tutsis, and congratulating those who had already taken part.”


Laurence Fishburne Sweet Jesus GIF by NETFLIX


I wouldn’t say “no one” has been saying it out loud. Bill Moyers has been explicitly drawing the comparison between American right-wing media (particularly talk radio but also Fox News) and Radio Rwanda since at least 2008. Predictably conservative “thinkers” have been incensed by the comparison.

Sure would be nice if more people were willing to call them out though.


Scarier to me than the false flag accusation is the rest of it, which seems very much to be saying that 1/6 was right and justified.

See something in there you don’t agree with? That was antifa. But ultimately, we do need to stop the government’s war on ‘white supremacy.’


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