Watch: Unusual cat begs for a walk when she sees her dog buddy leashing up

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Who says animals can’t communicate? The cat kid wanted to go too, Any doubt about that?


ain’t that cute…


Our bunnies get excited when they see their harness. They hate the thing, and try to chew their way out, but they get excited because they know they’re going OUT! SIDE!


Pretty dang cute.
I got one of those for my cat a few years ago, the first attempt at a “walk” was not a fun experience for either of us- as soon as we stepped outside my apartment the cat was jumping and bouncing around and shrieking like it was having a bad acid trip. The next time I tried a couple weeks later, the harness magically rendered the cat immobile on the living room floor. Two tries was enough.


Yeah, one of mine liked the look of autumn leaves piled up outside. I bought a harness, and we went out for a walk that lasted maybe five minutes. She stepped on a leaf, and the crunchy noise made her freak out. She ran back to the door, meowed for me open it, and I was never able to coax her back outside again. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Years ago we use to have an outdoor cat (her choice) who, when we would walk around the neighborhood, she’d walk right along, at least until a large dog nearby barked. She’d then take off and we’d see her when we got home.

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Over the years I’ve seen a number of families in my area who had cats that would follow them when they took their dog out for a walk. Kind of surprised me.

I’ve walked cats on harnesses, but it’s not like walking a dog. It’s more of a meander, lounge, meander, lounge - and occasionally, LOUD NOISE! HIDE1!!!.

It seems enriching for the kitties, but it took more than just 2 attempts for me and the kitties to get used to it - and you don’t have to start with a walk. It could just be lounging in a harness on the porch as an introduction.


My indoor/outdoor cats of the time (now long gone) used to stroll with me and the Great Dane on our walks. They would scamper ahead of us and hide in a bush then jump out and start washing, just to show they weren’t really with us. It was like a parade every summer morning. Fun times. Never tried to walk a cat in a harness. I can see it taking just putting the thing on the cat for longer times and then maybe time in the yard before an actual walk.


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Cats on leashes can get a lot of flack but where wildlife preservation is concerned it makes more sense than banning cats from being outside of your home boundaries.

Also, kinda obligs:


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