Watch: Using a 3D app to make a strawberry


If you want to try this sort of thing without installing any apps, is a full featured modeller.

That’s interesting. How much actual machine time do you actually get rendering in V-ray 24/7 for $25/month?

Too bad they skipped over creating the materials. Modeling is easy to grasp… while you have to know how to use the tool and some anatomy, we all know what things look like and can tell when the shape of something is correct.

Defining color and what light does when it hits an object? That’s where the wizardry comes in.

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I thought that it was an article about a 3D app for the new Apple device…

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Ah, I used to have Cinema4D on my Amiga. Of the half dozen or so 3D modeling/ray tracing programs I tried (Sculpt3D, Real 3D, TurboSilver, Imagine…) this was the best and easiest to get good results from.

Too bad it now costs more than ten times what it did back then, and since my Amigas are long dead, all I have are the memories.

Oh. Cores = seeds. Do some places call them cores or is that just a translation issue?

24 hours of machine time per day, I believe.

They bill it as fast and rendering in the cloud, so I was wondering how many machines you get to render on.

Yeah, that was confusing me for a while, too.

The name attached to the video is German (complete with an umlaut), so I’m assuming he’s translating from German in English. The German word Kern means “seed”, but it can also mean “core” or “nucleus” (for example, “nuclear physics” is Kernphysik).

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Yeah it skipped all the shaders and light placement.

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