Watch: violent attacks at anti-vax protest in Los Angeles

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LAPD later took down their loaded comments, and replaced them with more neutral ones.


Here’s what I don’t get. Trump really really wanted credit for vaccine development. I am not a Trumpist by any means, but he does deserve credit for appointing the right people and getting Operation Warp Speed to work. So why are Trumpists so anti-vax? You’d think they’d instead be saying Trump deserves credit for what should be to them “very patriotic” vaccines. The logic is so confusinhg.


My friend told me about a similar violent protest in West Hollywood at Santa Monica and Formosa a few weeks ago that got very little news coverage. It may be the same group of white supremacist thugs who started out protesting in Beverly Hills. They claim they’re anti-vaxxers but they spend just as much time spewing MAGAt and Qanon slogans. I’m glad the local media outlets are finally paying attention.

It suits the LAPD’s bothsideist narrative to portray someone who defends himself from an unprovoked assault by fascists as supposedly violent and scary “antifa”. The Proud Boys know this, which is why these violent attacks are now part of their bag of dirty tricks.


There’s your problem.


I saw a “man baby” festival, tell me I’m wrong.


There’s the problem… these people aren’t rational actors.

Honestly I now expect even larger crowds to counter the anti vax folks after these videos and news have gone around. I heard some numbers going around that for every counter protestor there was 2 to 3 anti vaxxers. I’m now expecting for every one anti vaxxer there could be 4 to 5 counter protestors in response.


I just love how neutral this headline is. It sounds like innocent, peaceful “vaccine skeptics” were attacked by violent, bloodthirsty antifa mobs, when in fact the exact opposite happened.



And then the LAPD sweep in from the side of the Proud Boys and other fascist thugs to push the “antifa” back and tell them to disperse.

Hmmm. Color me not at all surprised. This is why I feel doomed.



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I’m getting tired of explaining to people that if they are Anti- AntiFa they are self-proclaimed fascists.


You can probably save yourself the trouble. These people have no idea what a fascist is. Their mantra is, “don’t tell me what to do, Mom, gaww!”


I wonder what the legal situation would be if you showed up at such a protest with spiked armor under disposable clothing.

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What I hear from folks who were there: this is the same group of Proud Boys came down from Bakersfield to stir shit up and start fights.


I’m embarrassed for everyone there. The Boys have nothing to be proud of. The LAPD shows up, then doesn’t know what to do. Someone tries some kind of drop kick and slips to his ass in the decomposed granite. Stoopid people shouting U-S-A… what for? This was just dumb.

Haha, exactly! That’s what Gadsden meant when creating his yellow flag.




And I thought I had seen the lowest scum of people back in 3rd world country protests. This is the exact same shit, same political manipulations, exact same mob-style attacks and whatnot.
Glad about 2 things:

  1. I am no longer in that 3rd world country shit-hole where shit like this was common
  2. I am not in “that” country (shown in the video) either, where shit like this is becoming more and more common.

Fuck, and to think that I once claimed the US was “the best place to live”. Boy am I being proved so very wrong.


It’s pretty obvious from their body language that they showed up fully intending to fight someone.

I remember that before COVID some of these guys would show up in masks at protests, now suddenly they are anti-mask. . . except some of them are still wearing masks.


You’d probably get arrested/beaten/worse for having concealed weapons.

Go full on punk and put the spikes on the outside.

If they were on the outside they would just punch you in the face.